Tipps how to change your daily habits (Joe Dispenza)

Text by Dany Creutz

Why is it so hard to change old habits?

A new science, based on research in neuroscience, epigenetic, brain mapping and meditation, by brain expert Dr. Joe Dispenza, gives people permission to ‘change’ in a state of joy and inspiration.

Imagine there are spiritual, scientifical, philosophical principals about the possibility on creating the life you want?

Imagine about healing yourself from certain diseases and certain conditions and understanding that you can rewire your brain?

Imagine you can literally have your thoughts affect your body, as well, your feelings affect your brain?

Dr. Joe Dispenza

To change your habits just begin with those following exercises:


1. Take two thoughts that have slipped behind the scenes of your awareness. Become conscious of them. Write them down.

2. Take two habits that no longer belong in your future. Become conscious of them whenever they appear. Look at the emotions in regards to them which keep you anchored into your past. Write them down.

3. Rehearse and prime your mind to activate the circuits (in your brain) and imagine how you want instead to think and have those new thoughts and behaviors arise in your life.



Don’t wait for it to happen but instead actively do it.


Through changing your feelings.

I can’t get up as the same person I did. I have to get up „feeling differently“.

For example:

  • I have to feel awe for the mystical moment to occur
  • I have to feel love for a new relationship to show up
  • I have to feel empowered in order to feel success
  • I can’t wait for my healing to feel wholeness
  • I can’t wait for my abundance to feel wealthy. In fact, you have to feel abundant before your wealth can actually appear.

When your body and brain have literally changed to look like the event has already occurred, this is when the event finds you.

Dr. Joe Dispenza ‘life’


1. Meditation

Meditation means ‘to become familiar with’. It means to become so familiar with the unconscious state of your mind and body that you would never go unconscious again. During meditation keep firing and wiring new circuits into your mind and body so that your new emotions begin to become familiar to you.

2. Morning Question

Right when you wake up in the morning ask this crucial question:

What is the greatest ideal of myself that I can be today? 

Then DECIDE who you want to be today when you open your eyes.

Don’t get up until you FEEL like that person. 

Your JOB is then to maintain that modified state of mind and body for the entire day. 


If you do this regularly, get ready because something unusual will happen in your life! J

Love All Ways,


Change from inside out: https://drjoedispenza.com/
Change the field, change the matter: http://drjoedispenza.net/blog/health/change-the-field-change-matter/
Align to Thrive: https://www.karizabel.com/ayurveda-habit-coaching
Deine authentische Kraft: https://www.olleeno.com/authentische-kraft/

Komme in Deine Authentische Kraft

About the author: Dany Creutz

Dany begann ihre intensive Yoga und Meditationsausbildung vor mehr als 20 Jahren in New York, parallel zu ihrem Filmstudium. Heute ist sie zertifizierte Yoga Alliance Lehrerin und die Gründerin der Online Platform BODHISHAPE & des Fair Trade Labels OLLEENO. Sie hat die Seminare "Prana Wellness Laughter Yoga™" und "Mindful Self-Leadership™" ins Leben gerufen. ---------------------------------------Dany began her intensive yoga and meditation training more than 20 years ago in New York, parallel to her film studies. Today she is a certified Yoga Alliance teacher and the founder of the Online Platform BODHISHAPE, as well, the Fair Trade label OLLEENO. She created seminars on "Prana Wellness Laughter Yoga™" and "Mindful Self-Leadership™".

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