YOGA SESSION in Kerala with Dany Creutz (medium level) 90min.

Yoga Session: Dies ist eine 90 min Yoga Sequenz (in deutsch). Ich befinde mich in Indien im Staat Kerala an einem wunderschönen Kliff mit Blick auf die Arabische See. Die Klasse ist für Studenten mit MEDIUM-level 2 Kapazität und beinhaltet spannende Asanas von Hatha bis Vinyasa Flow. Wir beginnen mit einer kurzen Meditation, dann Pranayama […]

Yoga Asanas in Trinidad CUBA with Dany Dar Creutz (22 min.) PART 2

It’s the follow-up class  YOGA in Trinidad CUBA PART 2 with a focus on sitting poses, heart & chest openers. The practice starts with standing forward poses and continues with asanas on the ground. The whole section builds on PART 1. All parts are set in lovely Cuba, in Trinidad, on a roof top where […]

Yoga in Trinidad CUBA with Dany Dar Creutz (28 min.) PART 1

In this Yoga Video Session (part 1) you will be led from sitting warm-ups (Kundalini-style) to a strong sequence of standing Asanas. Everything is a Vinyasa flow. Included are some arm balances to prepare for the twists, back-bends and chest openers in part 2 and part 3 (follow up video sessions). 🙂 All three parts […]