Yoga in Trinidad CUBA w. Dany (19 min.) PART 3

This is PART 3, the follow-up of  YOGA in CUBA PART 2 with a focus on back bends and all finishing poses. The practice starts with gentle chest openers and many asanas to strengthen the back, in particular, the lower back. We complete with a headstand before relaxation in Shavasana. The whole section builds on PART 2.

All parts are set in wonderful Cuba, in Trinidad, on a roof where I stayed for a while. All together you will be introduced to three yoga sessions accumulating to a full 90 min Yoga class. All sessions are held in English. (below is a link to part 1 and part 2)

Please, do this class only if you have experience with Yoga. This is not a beginner’s class. Listen to your body and be gentle with yourself. Repeat the classes as often as possible to gain strength with time and enjoy prana energy flowing through your body.

Bodhishape means for us that we actively work to make the true nature of things come to light, to feel healthier, more powerful and balanced.

Yoga in Trinidad CUBA with Dany Dar Creutz (22 min.) PART 2

Yoga in Trinidad CUBA with Dany Dar Creutz (28 min.) PART 1

About the author: Dany Creutz

Dany begann ihre intensive Yoga und Meditationsausbildung vor mehr als 20 Jahren in New York, parallel zu ihrem Filmstudium. Heute ist sie zertifizierte Yoga Alliance Lehrerin und die Gründerin der Online Platform BODHISHAPE & des Fair Trade Labels OLLEENO. Sie hat die Seminare "Prana Wellness Laughter Yoga™" und "Mindful Self-Leadership™" ins Leben gerufen. ---------------------------------------Dany began her intensive yoga and meditation training more than 20 years ago in New York, parallel to her film studies. Today she is a certified Yoga Alliance teacher and the founder of the Online Platform BODHISHAPE, as well, the Fair Trade label OLLEENO. She created seminars on "Prana Wellness Laughter Yoga™" and "Mindful Self-Leadership™".

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