YOGA teacher training w. Carol Murphy by Dany Creutz (9:30 min.)

Yoga Training: This is an Image Film/FULL HD-Video shot in India during our class’ trainings and on the beach of Goa featuring my teacher Carol Murphy from Ireland. You can see here an inspiring practice and teachings led by her including Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga, Ayruveda and a lovely setting, in India. Carol is giving teacher […]

INDIAN YOGA Easy Sunset Flow w. Dany (13′)

This is a short yoga class (12 min.) to let the day settle. INDIAN YOGA: Enjoy practicing with me in a lovely sunset flair at Om Beach in India, Gokarna. The asanas are soft and gentle for beginners as well medium students. Everyone can join. I was in India this winter and spring and decided […]

Yoga in Trinidad Cuba FULL 1 hr CLASS (1.06′ min)

This is the complete Yoga session (parts 1, 2, 3 all together) where you will be led through sitting warm-ups (Kundalini-style) to a strong sequence of standing asanas followed by arm balances, twists, back-bends, chest openers and inversions.  Setting is amazing Cuba/Trinidad on a roof where I stayed while traveling. The English instructions are well […]

Yoga in Trinidad CUBA w. Dany (19 min.) PART 3

This is PART 3, the follow-up of  YOGA in CUBA PART 2 with a focus on back bends and all finishing poses. The practice starts with gentle chest openers and many asanas to strengthen the back, in particular, the lower back. We complete with a headstand before relaxation in Shavasana. The whole section builds on PART 2. […]

Yoga Asanas in Trinidad CUBA with Dany Dar Creutz (22 min.) PART 2

It’s the follow-up class  YOGA in Trinidad CUBA PART 2 with a focus on sitting poses, heart & chest openers. The practice starts with standing forward poses and continues with asanas on the ground. The whole section builds on PART 1. All parts are set in lovely Cuba, in Trinidad, on a roof top where […]

“Official” Bodhi-Image Film!

Our BODHI Imagefilm is ready. We shot in Germany, India and Cuba. Directed by Dany Dar Creutz Check it out! 🙂 Unser BODHI Imagefilm ist fertig produziert. Wir haben in Deutschland, Indien und Kuba gedreht. Regie Dany Dar Creutz Check it out! 🙂 Love all ways, Dany

Yoga in Trinidad CUBA with Dany Dar Creutz (28 min.) PART 1

In this Yoga Video Session (part 1) you will be led from sitting warm-ups (Kundalini-style) to a strong sequence of standing Asanas. Everything is a Vinyasa flow. Included are some arm balances to prepare for the twists, back-bends and chest openers in part 2 and part 3 (follow up video sessions). 🙂 All three parts […]